The Basics

CounselorMax® is a web application, created in 2004, that is best suited for any agency in the housing counseling field. It works well for homeownership counselors and has earned its reputation as one of the industry’s premier client management tools. With frequent updates and enhancements, CounselorMax improves workflow so that counselors can help make sustainable homeownership a reality for more clients. For more information, visit the CounselorMax website.

  • $595 annual with 5 users included

  • $150 per each additional user added

Sample Landing Page 

Tech Support
  • Support provided free of charge 


Platform & Setup 
  • Remote and instant setup available upon sign up
  • Onboarding training included with setup
  • Migration typically takes 2 – 3 weeks depending on volume


Counseling and Group Education

One-on-One Counseling Features Group Education Features
Track hours spent counseling Track all fields required by HUD (including attendance and demographics)
Capture all fields required by HUD Registration/rosters
Distinguish between prospective/actual clients  Course Logistics (including instructors and location)
Track case funding Track funding
Track fees charged by agency Track fees charged by agency
Link to credit reporting agency Mail merge to create certificates of completion
Track changes in credit score
Document storage for client files
Track changes in budgeting habits
Follow up reminder
Loan comparison
Financial calculators
Budgeting tools
Credit improvement tools


Output Documents Interaction with Housing Counseling Tools
RMA eHome America
UBA Framework
Budget Hope LoanPortal
Hardship Letter
Action Plan





Staff Management Features Workflow Features
Separate staff can be assigned to same client (such as for intake and counseling) Dashboards
Track staff training records Sort and filter cases
Track staff certifications Export records
Track HUD Individual Certification Import client cases
Counselor time sheets can be created (including grants tied to client/time) Interface with other programs (Microsoft Office 365, MS Outlook, other connections)

Client Interface

Client Interface
Portal for client to input data
Client can register for group education or 1-to-1 appointments
Can send client satisfaction surveys from the product
Can email clients or lenders and other stakeholders


Reports & Customization

Pre-Packaged Reports  Customizable Fields
HUD-9902 Counseling outcomes
Client satisfaction survey results Counseling type
Customizable reports Counseling status
Other pre-packaged reports Referral source
Funding Organization/Source

Other Notes & Features