Capacity Building

Housing Action Illinois is passionate about helping housing counseling agencies and housing developers build their capacity, become more efficient, and develop their skills. We share our extensive experience and knowledge through a wide range of workshops, one-on-one support, direct technical assistance, and working groups on key topics. You can find our training schedule here. We want to make sure that agencies throughout Illinois can keep up with changing trends, new technology, and complicated regulations. We also advocate for the resources these nonprofits need to most effectively fulfill their missions.

For Housing Counselors

We support housing counseling agencies with training and one-on-one support, advocate for the resources they need, convene discussion groups, and facilitate the Illinois Housing Counseling Coalition.

Housing Counseling Intermediary

As a HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Intermediary, we facilitate the distribution of HUD Housing Counseling Funds to a strong network of nonprofit agencies throughout the region.

For Housing Developers

We help developers network and learn from each other during discussions and trainings, and we act as a resource for nonprofit housing developers to call on when they encounter challenges.

Latest Happenings

HUD Certified Housing Counselor Exam FAQ

In December 2016, HUD issued a Final Rule for the Housing Counseling program that requires that all individuals who provide housing counseling in connection with a HUD program must take and pass a HUD-administered certification exam. HUD Certification Exam Online...