Mission, Values, & Vision

We are working to create an Illinois where everyone has a good, stable home.

For more than 30 years, our statewide coalition has led the movement to protect and expand the availability of quality, affordable housing in Illinois.

We bring together 150+ member organizations, united in our vision of expanding affordable housing and ending homelessness. Our members include housing counseling agencies, homeless service providers, developers of affordable housing, and policymakers. Over the years, we’ve had many successes. Today, we work to protect these accomplishments and build upon them.

We empower communities to thrive through three programs:

Capacity Building

We help housing counseling agencies and developers build their capacity and expand their resources. We are a HUD-approved Intermediary. Together, our impact is greater.

Education & Organizing

We build awareness, activate change, and shift narratives by sharing information and real-life stories with policymakers, nonprofit service providers, and the media.

Policy Advocacy

We mobilize advocate for policies that help end homelessness, create affordable rental housing, and promote sustainable homeownership. Together, our voice is stronger.

Our Mission

To increase and preserve the supply of decent, affordable, accessible housing in Illinois for low-and moderate-income households.

Our Values

Housing is a human right. We believe in a society that promotes basic human needs such as decent and safe housing for all of its members. Public policy and government spending should ensure that the basic housing needs of all people are met.

Our Vision

To create an environment where all Illinois residents, including people with the lowest incomes, have a voice in housing policy and community development. We seek to bring together community stakeholders such as residents, businesses, and government to work together to increase the supply and availability of affordable housing across the state.