Having an eviction filing on your record hampers your ability to find a home, regardless of the outcome of the case. Illinois eviction filings remain in the public record indefinitely, trapping people and families in poverty. Based on pre-pandemic data, more than 50% of eviction filings in Illinois do not result in a judgment against the tenant.*

Sealing provisions from the COVID-19 Emergency Housing Act (Public Act 102-005) sunset in 2022. As a result, Illinois has regressed to its strict standard for sealing eviction records.

Housing Action Illinois and our partners are urging lawmakers to pass state legislation—identical bills to be filed in the House and Senate for the 2023 General Assembly Session—ensures individuals and families have equitable access to housing by:

  • Sealing any court file pending or initiated after the effective date of this Act when:
  1. The case is dismissed;
  2. The tenant wins the case;
  3. A satisfaction of judgment is filed;
  4. The parties agree to seal; or
  5. There is no material violation of the lease.
  • Requiring all eviction records to be sealed after 7 years
  • Dismissing and sealing cases where no action has been taken for 180 days
  • Prohibiting the dissemination of information about a sealed court file by consumer reporting agencies, including tenant screening companies

Thanks to our chief sponsors, Representative La Shawn Ford and Senator Karina Villa.


This bill follows a national trend towards expanding sealing of eviction records, including new state laws in Indiana and Utah.

* Eviction in Illinois. Housing Action Illinois. February 2019. Available at https://housingactionil.org/evict2019.

Organizations and individuals can endorse the effort: