Great news: The bill to create statewide source of income (SOI) housing protections, HB 2775, has passed the Senate and just needs one more vote by the full House before April 8.

This legislation will create statewide fair housing protections in Illinois by making it illegal for landlords to refuse to rent to individuals or families solely for using public benefits, including rental subsidies, or other legal, non-wage income, such as social security, to pay for housing.

For rental housing applicants, this legislation provides the opportunity for individuals and families currently shut out of housing opportunities to make their case to a landlord that they will be a good tenant. While not guaranteeing housing, or requiring any landlord to rent to any specific applicant, this legislation will level the playing field for all Illinoisans with non-wage income to access a fuller range of housing options.

After years of advocacy, this is the closest we’ve gotten to passing statewide source of income protections in Illinois.

What we need now:

Please click on the button below to call and/or email your State Representative in Springfield to let them know you support HB 2775.

Housing Action Illinois is a member of the Illinois Coalition for Fair Housing, a group of organizations working together to pass state legislation to establish protections against SOI discrimination. Learn more and get involved here »