Illinois has the chance to use federal fiscal recovery funds to make significant investments in creating affordable housing and ending homelessness.

Before the end of March, the Illinois General Assembly will make decisions about how to spend remaining federal fiscal recovery funds from the American Rescue Plan Act.

Add your name to join our campaign to dedicate significant funds toward creating affordable housing and ending homelessness. Sign on as an individual or organization to endorse the following funding priorities:

  • Ending Homelessness: $160 million
  • Affordable Rental Housing: $325 million
  • First Time Homeownership: $100 million
  • Support for Existing Homeowners: $200 million
  • Innovative Solutions (Land Banks, Land Trusts, Reentry Housing, and Landlord Incentives): $70 million

Total to Support Illinois at Home: $855 million

These critical investments will benefit the entire state in numerous ways. They will create jobs in the building trades, help us close the racial wealth gap through homeownership assistance, reduce the shortage of affordable housing, support Illinois’ new plan to prevent and end homelessness, and help us leverage private investment when building and rehabbing housing.

Thank you for your advocacy: