Housing Action Illinois is proud that more than two million Illinoisans voted Yes on the Fair Tax this election. Unfortunately, this was not enough to pass the reform, which would have made our tax system fairer and helped address our state’s structural deficit.

The Fair Tax would have ensured that 97% of Illinoisans—those who make $250,000 a year or less—receive a tax cut or pay no more in taxes than they do now, while also generating billions of dollars to invest in ending homelessness, housing programs, education, health care, and jobs.

We were proud to stand with hundreds of endorsing organizations in the Vote Yes for Fair Tax Coalition and are grateful to all of the Fair Tax supporters, partners, and allies that worked tirelessly for this reform. We will continue our work together to push for a system that ensures millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share.

Housing Action Illinois will continue to fight for a state budget that is sufficient to help people meet their basic human needs, including housing, especially in communities and among constituencies that have experienced systemic discrimination and disinvestment. We will also maintain our support for fair and progressive revenue enhancements that are crucial to secure the investments necessary to end homelessness and create good, stable, affordable homes for everyone.