The Trump administration is escalating its fight against fair housing by attempting to gut a critical legal tool to fight housing discrimination: the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Disparate Impact Rule.

Disparate Impact is an important legal tool that gives victims of housing discrimination—based on race, disability and/or other factors—a chance to challenge policies which have a discriminating effect against a whole class of people.

If the Trump Administration’s proposed rule goes into effect, it will be virtually impossible to bring claims based on Disparate Impact, as the proposed rule creates overly burdensome technical requirements on plaintiffs. Even worse, it also includes carve-outs for entire industries, such as insurance companies, as well as companies using third-party technologies, such as mortgage lenders using automated underwriting technology.

Your voice is needed to safeguard fair housing. Submit a brief comment opposing the rule by October 18 through our national partner’s website,

If You Can Spare a Few Extra Minutes….

Your comment may have more impact if you can take a little bit longer and upload your comment at Here are template letters you can borrow from to make specific points from a perspective that is important to you:

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Whether your comment is brief or long, it makes a difference. We need to generate as many comments in opposition as possible by October 18 so that we can continue to make progress in eliminating housing discrimination.