Americans are more likely to rent a home today than at any other time during the previous 50 years. Given this landscape, it is essential for housing counselors to empower clients with information and resources during every step of the rental process.

That’s why Housing Action Illinois has developed a comprehensive, step-by-step training to introduce housing counselors to rental counseling or deepen the knowledge of counselors already guiding clients through the rental process. During the course, counselors learn about:

  • The core components of a rental counseling program, from proposed national industry standards to structuring counseling sessions
  • How to assess a clients’ situation and needs and determine housing options available to them
  • Navigating the application and rental process
  • Rules and regulations related to rental housing, such as building codes and reasonable accommodations
  • How to help when a tenant is at risk of eviction or foreclosure

Our curriculum includes an extensive collection of resources and more than a dozen templates for housing counselors to use as they aid their clients. While many examples are taken from the Midwest, the information is applicable throughout the nation.

When housing counselors support tenants and landlords by facilitating better communication, understanding, and respect, we help our communities thrive.

Host a Training

Housing Action Illinois is interested in partnering to host rental housing counseling trainings within or outside of Illinois.

Interested? Contact David Young, our Director of Technical Assistance, at 312.939.6074 x202 or