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By providing training, consulting, and resources, we help housing organizations better serve communities throughout Illinois. Our experts facilitate workshops, share best practices, and provide one-on-one coaching to nonprofits so they can serve more families and help our communities thrive.

Our experts facilitate workshops, share best practices, and provide one-on-one guidance to nonprofits so they can serve more families and individuals and help our communities thrive. We also advocate for the resources these nonprofits need to most effectively fulfill their missions.

Support for Housing Counseling Agencies

One of our priorities is supporting housing counselors, who support individuals and families in finding and keeping good, affordable homes. Our experts facilitate regular workshops for counselors and offer one-on-one support and direct technical assistance to organizations. We want to make sure that agencies throughout Illinois can keep up with changing trends, new technology, and complicated regulations. By helping housing counselors build their skills and capacity, we position them to better serve their communities. 

Housing Action Is a HUD-Approved Intermediary

A key way in which we support housing counseling agencies is as a HUD-Approved Intermediary. As an Intermediary, we distribute HUD Housing Counseling Funds and provide infrastructural and administrative support to a network of regional affiliates. Learn more »

Congrats to our Intermediary affiliates on being 100% certified! Counselors at every agency have passed the recently introduced HUD-certified housing counseling exam.

Graph showing HUD Intermediary funding increasing to $1.4 million in 2021

Community Revitalization Challenge

Through the Community Revitalization Challenge, we help community-based organizations build capacity, working with them to develop robust proposals for projects that increase access to affordable housing for low- and moderate-income residents throughout Illinois.

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Community Revitalization Challenge

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Counting All Wins

Counting All Wins

 Housing counseling is “almost like helping someone walk through the American dream—but it’s not all about homeownership,” says Kesha Chatman, the Division Operating Officer at Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis. “You are counseling on their finances, you are...