Policy Advocacy

Many voices are stronger than one. We mobilize our members and allies to advocate for policies that help end homelessness, create affordable rental housing, promote sustainable homeownership and affirmatively further fair housing. We work to increase federal, state, and local investments in proven housing programs, as well as to develop new and innovative policy solutions. On our own and through coalition work, we have been able to secure a multitude of policy victories in Springfield and Washington D.C. that benefit renters and homeowners.

Public Education and Organizing

Our members make us powerful. We build awareness and activate change by sharing information and real-life stories with policymakers, nonprofit service providers, and the media. We keep our members and allies informed about the latest developments in housing policy, organize issue-specific working groups, meet with legislators, take the pulse of communities during our outreach caravan, and host an annual Housing Matters! conference where advocates and practitioners share their knowledge and expertise.

Increasing Rental Housing Affordability

Extremely low-income renters—including minimum wage workers, seniors and people with disabilities—have the hardest time finding affordable housing, often paying more than half their income just to keep a roof over their head. This can mean making impossible choices between paying rent and buying medicine or groceries. The cost of rental housing varies across the state, so depending on where someone lives, so even a person who considers themselves middle class can have a difficult time finding an affordable apartment. The stakes are high for someone who can’t afford rent; in the worst case scenario, they may become homeless. Housing Action Illinois advocates for resources and policies to create and preserve affordable rental housing, as well as to increase the ability of people to afford the rent, especially people with the lowest incomes.

Promoting Sustainable Homeownership

Historically, homeownership has been considered a powerful way to build wealth, and it is true that for many people, owning a home offers stability and a valuable asset. However, one critical lesson of the foreclosure crisis was that buying a home only makes sense after someone carefully evaluates their ability to purchase and upkeep a home, life goals, and investment horizon. An educated buyer is the key to success. Housing Action Illinois advocates for housing counseling programs to educate people so they can make an informed decision about whether to buy a home. We also advocate for for adequate resources and legal protections for homeowners when problems arise and for policies that address historic, systemic inequalities in homeownership rates based on factors such as race and ethnicity.

Ending Homelessness

People become homeless for many reasons, but everyone who is homeless has one thing in common—they don’t have a good, affordable place to live. Many people experience homelessness at least once during their life; for most people, it’s a short-term problem that they are eventually able to resolve. But for others with more serious problems, such as severe mental illness or substance addictions, homelessness is a longer-term, even chronic, way of life. To end homelessness in our society, we only need to ensure that everyone has access to an affordable place to live. People grappling with serious issues are in a better position to deal with them when they are housed and are more likely to be successful in staying in a home with supportive services attached. Housing Action Illinois advocates for programs and resources to prevent homelessness, make episodes of homelessness as brief as possible, and to ensure access to supportive housing for those who can benefit from it.

Fair Housing

Where you live affects what opportunities you have, whether you’re a child or an adult. Where you live affects not just your day-to-day quality of life but also your access to education and employment, as well as your health and relationships. What people want and need from a home may change over time. We believe that people’s life choices shouldn’t be limited by a lack of housing options. Unfortunately, in today’s world, people’s choices are limited because of market forces and individual decisions that lead to segregation, discrimination and inaccessibility. Housing Action Illinois works to promote communities that provide a range of housing options to meet diverse needs and to eliminate discrimination against people of color, people with disabilities, people who are poor, and other populations. We want people to have a choice in where they live.

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