Mary Ellen Tamasy

For over twenty years, Mary Ellen Tamasy has worked for nonprofits, government entities, and corporations in the northern Illinois suburbs to develop affordable housing programs and projects. She first came to Illinois in September 1993 as the Executive Director of the Lake County Affordable Housing Commission & Corporation. During her tenure, she raised over $6 million dollars to fund various programs, including a first-time homebuyer program, a pre-purchase homeownership counseling program, and a homeowner rehabilitation program. In July 2003, she became the Executive Director of the Highland Park Illinois Community Land Trust, the first affordable housing nonprofit community land trust in Illinois. After organizing the initial startup, six town homes were constructed, and three single-family homes and one condominium were acquired and rehabbed and then sold to eligible families. Also during her tenure, the land trust began development of a fourteen-unit transit-oriented, environmentally sustainable, townhome development completed in the fall of 2008. In September 2008, Mary Ellen became the President of Lake County Residential Development Corporation. This thirty-six-year-old organization has developed and preserved over 1,000 units of rental affordable housing and twenty-six townhomes sold to low-income homebuyers. In addition, she has worked for Housing Opportunity Development Corporation and provided consulting services to North West Housing Partnership, Northwest Community Hospital, Highland Park Housing Commission, North River Commission, City of Waukegan, A Safe Place, and First Midwest Bank. Mary Ellen has over thirty years of experience working for nonprofit organizations, twenty-three of which have been in the affordable housing field. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Texas and lives with her husband Tim Angell in Evanston.