Margaret Wooten

Margaret Wooten has served as Senior Director of the Chicago Urban League Housing and Financial Empowerment Center for over 26 years and manages the day-to-day operations of the department. Margaret is responsible for managing her staff as they provide free comprehensive housing counseling tools, which includes foreclosure counseling, pre-foreclosure counseling, the First Time Homebuyers Educational Workshops, pre and post purchase counseling as well as rental counseling. Margaret attends all housing related meetings and trainings throughout the Continental US and represents the agency for media events as it relates to areas of housing. She is a certified housing counselor from the American Homeowner Education and Counseling Training Institute, (AHECTI) as well as the NeighborWorks Training Institute for HUD. Margaret also attends ongoing training for Homeownership Counseling for Program Managers and Executive Directors in various parts of the US. Prior to joining the Chicago Urban League, she served as a Social Worker for the City of East Orange, New Jersey Department of Public Welfare’s General Assistance Program, managing the day-to-day operations of Substance Abuse Cases, Nursing Homes Cases and Pre-Natal Cases. Prior to that Margaret was employed as a Paralegal for the law firm of Franklin and Crutcher in downtown Chicago where she was responsible for the landlord/tenant court call and the file review of buyers and sellers for real estate property transactions. She received her formal education from Chicago State University.

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No amount of lead exposure is okay. We're glad to have successfully updated IL rules requiring action when a child tests for elevated blood lead levels—and to have secured a $6M increase in funding to help with intervention!—but there is a lot more work to be done. @emilyabenfer…

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