David Noble

David R. Noble is the Director of Community and Economic Development for Midland States Bank and oversees their Community Development and Community Reinvestment Act activities in execution of their Corporate Community Development Plan.  He is an experienced, astute Senior Banking Leader with a triumvirate combination of experience in application of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Regulation and Equitable Community Economic Development Strategies with an emphasis on urban planning and development.  His “Value Proposition” is that he has an innate ability to facilitate cooperation from various interests to create opportunities assisting in problem solving and achieving objectives both within his employer’s organization and the communities he serves.  He permeated the banking industry as a trailblazer through cultivating what would otherwise be considered atypical and unrelated alliances.  David attended Saint Louis University and received a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Studies a Minor in Real Estate Planning & Community Development and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Urban Planning & Development.  He was a pioneer in co-founding the Metropolitan Saint Louis CRA Association where he served as the first Board Chairman.  He has served on a number of other boards and committees.  Ultimately, David’s goal is to be a catalyst that will ignite communal change and begin a socio-economic movement in hopes of empowering the common person by helping them revitalize their communities towards community and economic stability.