Bibian Cristino

Bibian Cristino (she/her/ella) joined Housing Action Illinois as Capacity Building Specialist in August 2013. She has more than fifteen years of experience in housing programs. Bibian is responsible for the coordination, management, and implementation of housing counselor programming. This includes creating and facilitating trainings as well as advising agencies on how to build their capacity, expand their programs, comply with HUD regulations, and provide the best possible guidance to renters and homeowners. She has helped multiple agencies create new housing counseling programs and become HUD approved. Bibian is the FHA Coordinator for Housing Action’s Intermediary network, and the training coordinator for Housing Action’s HUD Housing Counseling Training grant. She created Housing Action Illinois’ Fundamentals of Rental Housing Counseling curriculum and co-created the Home Counseling Online (HCO) Made Easy training. She contributed to the creation of the Rental Assistance Housing Counseling Toolkit, published by HUD in 2018, and joined the team presenting the toolkit to a national audience.