Graphic with people gathered into a speech bubble; text says Protect Cook County Renters

We need your help to pass protections for 245,000+ renter households in Cook County living in communities without a comprehensive tenant-landlord ordinance.

For thirty years, renters living in Chicago, Evanston, and Mount Prospect have benefited from municipal ordinances defining basic tenant-landlord rights and responsibilities. Now, Cook County Commissioners have the opportunity to pass a measure that will protect suburban Cook County renters in additional communities. See our fact sheet for the ordinance » 

We’re planning a week of action to show support for the measure in the week leading up to the vote, which we expect will happen during the week of December 14, 2020.

We hope you’ll Join us!


Monday, December 7: Learn about the RTLO

The proposed ordinance clarifies roles and responsibilities for both renters and landlords—making the rental landscape easier and fairer to navigate for everyone.

What you can do: Get familiar with the RTLO; read about the measure and view our fact sheet. Visit our action portal and see how easy it is to message your commissioner in support of the RTLO »


Tuesday, December 8: Join Us on Facebook Live

Tune into the livestream at Commissioner Kevin B. Morrison’s Facbeook page at 11:00 am CST to hear from Chief Sponsor Commissioners Scott Britton & Kevin Morrison, Commissioner Brandon Johnson, advocates, and renters about why we need the RTLO.

What you can do: Join us! Tune in here »

Wednesday, December 9: Tweet with Us

We’re planning a Twitterstorm to raise awareness and understanding of the ordinance at 11:00 am CST on Wednesday, December 9.

What you can do: Tweet with us »


Thursday, December 10: Email Your Commissioner

Tell your commissioner you’re a constituent who supports this ordinance! The most effective way to reach commissioners is through constituent messages. The more that individuals and organizations pressure elected officials to support this, the better a shot we have at getting tenants real protections county-wide.

What you can do: If you haven’t yet, email your commissioner through our action portal!

If you’ve already sent a message: Spread the word! Ask your neighbors, friends, and family to speak up too.


Friday, December 11: Call Your Commissioner

Commissioners need to hear from us through every kind of communication—and that includes via phone.

What you can do: Pick up the phone and call your commissioner!

Find out who your commissioner is and get their phone number »

Suggested phone message (please personalize):
Hello, my name is ____________, and I’m one of your constituents. I’m calling to express my strong support for the Cook County Residential Tenant Landlord Ordinance. I care about this provision because [share reasons why it is important to you*] and I believe we need these protections for all Cook County residents as soon as possible. Please support our community by supporting this ordinance.

* Potential reasons to share:
I believe all renters in Cook County, including suburban renters, should be protected by a tenant-landlord ordinance.
It will increase stability for both renters and landlords by clarifying their roles and responsibilities and making the rental process easier and fairer to navigate.
It will establish a minimum standard of rules and regulations for all residents of Cook County.