We’re closer than ever to a Fair Tax, but your State Representative needs to hear from you!

We urge you to call 888-412-6570 right now to tell your State Representative you support a Fair Tax! Each day we come closer to a vote on the Fair Tax, our opponents are mobilizing. We need to make clear to lawmakers that the people of Illinois support a Fair Tax!

A Fair Tax will bolster our economy and raise billions of dollars in revenue to fund schools and social services, including programs that end homelessness – all while helping ensure the wealthy pay their fair share. A more just tax system is long overdue.

Call now: 888-412-6570. You will be asked to enter your zip code and then will be connected with your representatives’ offices. You can say the following when you are connected (or leave a message as follows):

  • I am calling to let the Representative know we need a Fair Tax now.
  • I am a resident of the Representative’s district and I support a Fair Tax. A Fair Tax will raise $3 billion of for schools and other public services that our community needs.
  • 97% of people in Illinois will pay the same or lower taxes – all while making sure the wealthy start to pay their fair share.
  • I urge the Representative to VOTE YES on Fair Tax.

Everyone’s voice matters – make the call now, and then ask your friends and family members to do the same!