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Trainings for Housing Counselors

A core part of our Capacity Building program is bringing a robust lineup of trainings for nonprofit housing professionals, with a specific focus on educating housing counselors.

In 2021, Housing Action received our first HUD Training Award to expand our training program and educate housing counselors across the nation. Since then, we have continued to facilitate more trainings and expand our reach.


In 2023, we brought…


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Prerecorded Trainings & Materials

HUD Updates with Jerrold H. Mayer (2023)

Jerrold H. Mayer from HUD’s Office of Housing Counseling joined Housing Actions Intermediary network on May 17, 2023 to provide an update on HUD programs, new initiatives, and the HUD Handbook 7601. He also discussed upcoming opportunities and challenges facing housing counselors in our industry.

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing: The Role of Housing Counselors (2022)
Fair housing is the right to choose housing free from unlawful discrimination. This training is to help housing counselors better understand the how fair housing works in the United States and why it is so important. Learn about the history of the Fair Housing Act and Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH), why these legal protections are essential to expanding housing opportunities, what has happened recently when it comes to fair housing, and how housing counselors can play a critical role in furthering fair housing for your clients and your communities.

Housing Action Illinois brought this training partnership with CAFHA.

Becoming a HUD-Certified Housing Counselor

Housing Action Illinois has designed a training series to help newcomers who are interested in a career as a housing counselor. Our Housing Counseling Career Path is a comprehensive program designed to help you understand the six core principles of housing counseling and prepare to pass the HUD Individual Certification Exam, which makes you eligible for hire by a HUD-approved housing counseling agency.

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Choosing a HUD-Approved CMS

Housing counseling agencies rely on Client Management Systems (CMSs) to track clients and outcomes. Choosing an appropriate CMS can be intimidating, especially since many agencies don’t have an IT department to evaluate or maintain a system. 

Housing Action Illinois is pleased to announce the release of the latest edition of our Guide to HUD-Approved CMSs (version 3.0), which profiles HUD-approved Client Management Systems (CMSs) for housing counseling agencies. This digital resource is available for free online and aims to help users assess their options through an at-a-glance comparison chart and detailed individual system profiles.

CMS Guide 3.0 publication cover

Helping Clients Find Housing Counselors

We want to help housing counselors and potential counseling clients find each other more easily. That’s why we are launching My Path To Home, a platform currently in beta testing, which matches individuals who enter their information with local housing counseling agencies that offer the kind of assistance they need. This is different from other tools for finding a housing counselor because the potential client’s information goes to a participating agency that can then proactively reach out.

Want to learn more and join as a participating housing counseling agency? Contact us at info@mypathtohome.org.

Housing Counseling Helps People Reach their Housing Goals

Explaining Housing Counseling

Housing Action Illinois created this What is Housing Counseling? video to help housing counselors explain who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. You’re welcome to embed it on your website by following these instructions »

Making the Case for Housing Counseling

Research on the Benefits of Housing Counseling
  • During 2017, HUD-approved housing counseling network of 1,842 agencies assisted over 880,000 individuals and families across the country.

  • In 2018, 73% of counseled households had incomes below 80% of area median income, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition

  • In a 2021 HUD presentation, Measuring Impact of Rental Counseling on Evictions, it was reported that in the last fiscal year there was a 65% increase in households that received rental counseling and also avoided eviction, as well as a 28% increase in households that received rental counseling and improved their living conditions.
Research on the Barriers to Homeownership
In November 2017, the Urban Institute released a report titled Barriers to Accessing Homeownership that provides data and commentary on three significant barriers to homeownership: saving for a down payment, accessing mortgage credit and housing affordability. The report also offers information about down payment assistance programs which can help borrowers overcome the first barrier to homeownership.
Housing Counseling Helps People Reach their Housing Goals

Latest News for Housing Counselors

Housing Action Awarded More Than $1 Million in Housing Stability Counseling Program Funding

Housing Action Awarded More Than $1 Million in Housing Stability Counseling Program Funding

CHICAGO – HUD has awarded $1,000,206 to Housing Action Illinois to distribute funds to local nonprofits whose housing counseling programs help families rent or buy safe, affordable homes and prevent foreclosures. This year’s network of 33 housing counseling agencies, listed below, serve communities in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Missouri.

HUD Certified Housing Counselor Exam FAQ

HUD Certified Housing Counselor Exam FAQ

In December 2016, HUD issued a Final Rule for the Housing Counseling program that requires that all individuals who provide housing counseling in connection with a HUD program must take and pass a HUD-administered certification exam. HUD Certification Exam Online...