This week, President Trump proposed a FY18 budget that would increase homelessness and hardship for families and communities in Illinois and throughout our nation.

From slashing nutritional assistance and reducing the capacity of job training to decimating access to health care for people with disabilities and children, the budget would devastate families and communities—especially those who are already facing impossible choices between rent or mortgage payments and basic necessities.

The President’s plan calls for deep cuts to rental assistance and other housing aid for urban, suburban, and rural communities. Overall, the budget allocates just $40.7 billion for HUD programs in 2018. This is $7.4 billion (15 percent) below what policymakers recently approved for 2017.

The effects of these drastic cuts would reverberate through every community in Illinois.

Just in the state of Illinois, the proposed budget would:

  • Cut 10,734 housing vouchers, hurting extremely low-income seniors, people with disabilities, and working families with children.
  • Slash $107,266,201 from our state’s public housing funding, further jeopardizing the health and safety of residents who already need critical repairs for problems such as leaky roofs and outdated heating systems and electrical wiring.
  • Eliminate approximately $149 million in Community Development Block Grant funds and $40.5 million in HOME funds, which give flexible aid to poor rural and urban communities. They help improve basic infrastructure like streets and water and sewer lines, provide life-enriching services to youth and seniors, build and rehabilitate affordable housing for low-income residents, and promote economic development.

Nationally, the proposal would also cut $133 million (5.6 percent) from homeless assistance grants and eliminate the National Housing Trust Fund, which provided $174 million in 2016 towards state and local efforts to develop affordable rental homes for those who struggle most to pay the rent.

The proposal would slash more than $600 billion from Medicaid over 10 years, which would dramatically reduce resources that help people maintain their housing and are essential to many people ending their homelessness.

The proposal would also eliminate federal support for national service programs—including eliminating the AmeriCorps VISTA program, which places full-time volunteers with organizations to fight poverty. That includes 40 of our own member organizations. Throughout our state, more than 13,000 individuals are currently committed to national service; all of their positions would disappear.

This is a budget that does not support our most vulnerable, show compassion or common sense, or enable our families to thrive.

This is a budget that abandons communities.

This is a budget that would hurt all of us.

But it hasn’t passed yet. Housing Action Illinois strongly opposes this budget proposal, and we urge you and all elected officials to join us.

Make sure you’re signed up for our policy updates—and encourage others to join. We’ll be keeping you posted on ways to take action in the days to come.